Episode 3

Published on:

18th Dec 2023

The Industry Correction Heard Around The World. What The US Supreme Court Decision Means To The Future of Education

The industry correction heard around the world signifies more than just legal proceedings; it marks a profound shift in the narrative of diversity, equity, and inclusion. One that will have a significant impact in the educational landscape for generations to come.

Linda Talton is an Educational Consultant specializing in nursery school through college placement. Linda takes a student-first approach to recruitment and placement, with a firm conviction that a school must match a student’s learning style and interests. She believes there is a right fit for every child and family. Linda is passionate about supporting families as they navigate the admissions process of New York City schools. Linda brings over thirty years of experience in admissions, diversity and student development to School First Admission Consulting. She has served as director of admissions at Corlears School (New York), San Francisco Day School, and Live Oak School (San Francisco, CA). Linda began her career in the classroom as a kindergarten teacher, after earning her M.Ed in Administration and Policy and a BA in Human Development from Howard University in Washington, DC. Linda sincerely enjoys supporting families and students in their search for a great school fit. 

Wendy Wilkinson’s work in schools began 30 years ago and she has since placed hundreds of students in public, private, parochial, therapeutic schools, both day and boarding in the Bay Area as well as the greater Washington, DC area.  She has led the outreach, admissions, diversity and financial aid programs in 9 independent schools across the country. Her master’s in education counseling ensures she is always thinking of the child first. She takes great pride in building healthy and successful communities!  Now as a co-president of School First and an education consultant, Wendy works to make sure each child finds the setting where they will shine in the way that allows them to thrive.  

This episode delves into Linda and Wendy's journey, sharing experiences and strategies for fostering inclusivity and diversity in schools. It also highlights the partnership between Reframe and School First, emphasizing the use of innovative tools like the Reframe's Culture Maturity Assessment Tool to gauge readiness for transformative change in the educational institutions.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn about what 'School First' is and its mission to gain insights into the inspiration behind an initiative for change in school admissions.
  • Understand the difference between integrating and genuinely transforming the school environment in order to grasp the complexities of fostering inclusivity and true transformation so impactful strategies are put in place to effect change.
  • Examine the challenges and impact of the US Supreme Court's ruling on efforts to integrate and create inclusive environments in schools to understand the implications of legal decisions on education and explore strategies for overcoming challenges.
"The systems have to change, otherwise we're just going to get even louder and change is not going to happen." - Linda Talton

Topics Covered:

01:52 - Linda and Wendy’s personal and professional background and their story of impacting the inclusivity and diversity advocacy in schools especially with students and their families

06:10 - Difference between public and private schools, the historical emergence of private schools for wealthy white families, and the origin of public schools by former enslaved people post-slavery

12:33 - The essence of 'School First' and the shared experiences in admissions at various schools that inspired its inception.

17:26 - Distinguishing between integrating and truly changing the school environment, challenges in fostering inclusivity from various stakeholders within the school, attempting change through admissions events and affinity groups

22:45 - Discussing the challenges and impact of the US supreme court's ruling on the efforts to integrate and create inclusive environments in schools, considering its effects on both families and educational institutions.

28:21 - Barriers within institutional structures and the necessity of understanding diverse families and their needs

32:45 - Talking about the partnership forged by Reframe and School First highlighting the use of the Reframe Culture Maturity Assessment Tool to gauge the readiness for change in the educational institutions.

43:02 - How to find more about' School First' and Reframe's assessment tool

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